My PhD project

SPENCER robot platform SPENCER – Social situation-aware perception and action for cognitive robots
EU FP7 research project

Selection of past projects

Retail packaging of Sorades  – Die Befreiung (2008)  timmbot  swarmvis_screenshot02 Discovr: Prototype of a context-aware, hybrid recommender system
Sorades – Die Befreiung
2D real-time strategy game
Interactive Foosball Table
Supervised student project
Robot platform
Swarm Visualization
Student project
Hybreed Framework
Student research project



download  Sorades – Die Befreiung (freeware version from 2006) – a 2D real-time strategy game of which major parts were developed by me. (48 MB, German)


Most of my older software projects from before 2006 can be found here.