Taught courses

Summer term 2015
Seminar Social Robotics (together with Billy Okal, Luigi Palmieri, Kai O. Arras): Tracking of people and other dynamic objects

Winter terms 2013 & 2014
Human-Oriented Robotics Exercise (together with Billy Okal and Luigi Palmieri)

Winter term 2007
Discrete Mathematics I (University of Duisburg-Essen), teaching assistant


Supervised theses

If you are interested in doing your Bachelor / Master thesis or a project in my area of research at the Social Robotics Lab, feel free to contact me!

Conditional Random Fields for Bottom-Up Human Attribute Detection in RGB-D (working title)
Master thesis, Rafael López, 2015

Improving People Tracking Using IMM, Occlusion Models and Group-Level Feedback (working title)
Master thesis, Fabian Girrbach, 2015

Evaluation and Learning of Features for Human Attribute Classification in RGB-D
Master thesis, Sven Wehner, 2014

Evaluation of Different Point-Cloud Features for Human Attribute Recognition
Master lab project, Rafael Lopez, 2014

Extending a Nearest-Neighbor Person Tracker with a Track Initialization Logic
Master lab project, Fabian Girrbach, 2014