Current occupation

Starting from June 2016
Research engineer in Robotics and Perception at Bosch Corporate Research HQ in Renningen (Germany).

Academic experience

April 2013 – April 2016
Researcher at the Social Robotics Laboratory, University of Freiburg, working in the EU FP7 project SPENCER on multi-modal people and group tracking on a mobile robot, as well as vision-based human attribute recognition (such as age and gender) and social relationship analysis. I am currently finishing work on my PhD thesis.

February 2012 – March 2013
Full-time researcher in the Interactive Systems Group at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

April 2008 – March 2010 & December 2010 – January 2012
Student research assistant in the Interactive Systems group at the University of Duisburg-Essen, where I was involved in the development of several prototypes of hybrid & context-aware recommender systems and co-author of a number of publications.

Industry experience

July 2010 – September 2010
Internship at Microsoft Corporation in Bellevue/Redmond, WA, as a Software Development Engineer In Test in the Bing User Experience team.

April 2010 – June 2010
Software development internship at HSBC Global Asset Management, Düsseldorf (Germany).


October 2006 – January 2012
Graduated from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, in Applied Computer Sciences (Angewandte Informatik). Diploma (M.Sc. equivalent) with highest honours (mit Auszeichnung bestanden, 1.0).

1997 – 2006
Education for the university entrance qualification (German “Abitur”) at Franz-Haniel-Gymnasium, Duisburg, Germany. Finished with highest distinction (German grade 1.0).

Technical skills

Due to my numerous experiences in various disciplines, I possess extensive software and hardware expertise in different fields such as C++ programming on Linux, Windows and embedded systems, robotics, Java-based web development, electronics and microcontrollers, and game development. I also have profound knowledge of state-of-the-art (probabilistic) methods in machine learning, computer vision and tracking (e.g. deep learning, object classification, multi-hypothesis tracking).

programming skills: C/C++ (13+ years)
Turbo Pascal, Oberon 2, Delphi, Visual Basic
robotics: Extensive knowledge of ROS (Robot Operating System)
CanOPEN protocol
machine learning and
computer vision:
Matlab (+Image Processing & Optimization Toolbox)
OpenCV 2, EmguCV, OpenNI, Kinect v2 SDK
Apache Mahout, Taste
web technologies: Java Server Faces 2; PrimeFaces; JSP; Spring Framework
JPA, Hibernate, MySQL
JBoss AS 7, Tomcat 6
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
development tools: Eclipse SDK, MS Visual Studio
Apache Ant, Maven; Hudson, Redmine
Subversion (SVN), Git
CMake, Doxygen
multimedia skills: OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, OGRE
XNA Game Studio 3.0
Basic knowledge of DirectX, Cg shaders, Unity3D engine
Qt 4
hardware-related: .NET Micro Framework 4; Arduino
Eagle 6 PCB layout editor
operating systems: Windows & Linux (expert)
spoken languages: German (mother tongue)
English (fluently) – Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (Grade A)
French (basics)

Awards and honors

  • Best student paper award for a paper on Removing Motion Blur using Natural Image Statistics I co-authored together with my Diploma thesis advisor (2014)
  • Diploma (M.Sc. equivalent) in Applied Computer Sciences with highest honours, best in 2012 class
  • Sparkassenpreis 2011 der Sparkasse Duisburg for excellent performance in my studies
  • Scholarship of the state of Northrhine-Westfalia (2009-2011)
  • 1st prize at the Newcomer Award of the German Game Developer Award (2006)
  • Graduated best in class 2006 with the general qualification for university entrance (Abitur) at Franz-Haniel-Gymnasium, Duisburg
  • 1st prize at the Duisburger Mathematikwettbewerb (regional round of mathematics olympiad) in my age class (2002)